H-Series Hybrid Machine Tool

The Diabase H-Series is a carefully designed hybrid machine tool combining 3D printing, milling, and post-processing capabilities in a single build environment. The machine has been carefully engineered to solve real problems in the desktop manufacturing toolchain. It is a tool for prosumers and institutions, enabling the manufacture of functional products with high accuracy and professional finish.

Flexion Extruder 3D Printer Upgrade

The Flexion Extruder is the highest-performing 3D printer extruder on the market. This upgrade for most 3D printers enables the printing of any material up to 300°C, including the ultra-flexible X60 filament developed by Diabase. Several thousand Flexion Extruders have been sold worldwide, and are widely recognized for their high quality and reliability.

About Diabase

Diabase Engineering comprises a group of engineers focused on developing technologies to increase desktop- and lab-scale manufacturing capabilities. Our focus has primarily been on additive polymer manufacturing, but our interests and ideas span myriad technologies that will continue to expand this small-scale manufacturing niche.